Spring 2017

Diane Stewart, Sarah Burney, Tiffany Dufu and Jacki Zehner

Diane Stewart, Sarah Burney, Tiffany Dufu and Jacki Zehner

After a day dedicated to celebrating women’s rights, how far we’ve come, and focusing on what still lies ahead, it was only fitting to hold a Utah Wonder Women event on the heels of International Women’s Day. What better way to keep the momentum going than to make this the focus of our first event of 2017? Sponsored by Sarah Burney and her team at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Tiffany Dufu spoke to our audience of 75+ women at Salt Lake’s Modern West Fine Art gallery, owned by our host for the evening, Diane Stewart.

Tiffany Dufu was our guest speaker, who, among many other things, is a force in the women’s leadership movement, Chief Leadership Officer of Levo, a member of the launch team of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, a featured contributor on Fortune, and author of the recently released book, Drop The Ball. Tiffany is living proof that women can truly have it all, but, as we learned, having it all doesn’t necessarily mean you must be perfect in every aspect of your life. In fact, it’s just the opposite.


Tiffany shared how she was able to let go of her unrealistic expectations of doing it all and realized that “dropping the ball” wasn’t actually that bad. Nothing catastrophic happens, and you might just learn a bit more about yourself along the way. In writing her book, she wanted to share her journey and encourage other women to learn how to achieve more by doing less, and o spread the word that “dropping the ball” can actually help you achieve more in life..   

Over a wonderful evening of laughs and great conversation, there was an underlying theme of helping  advance women and girls. Everyone is going to “drop the ball” at some point in life, and the next time you do, rather than getting upset and frustrated, consider how you can shift your mindset, let it go and focus on what really matters so that “dropping the ball” is just another step in the right direction.