Summer 2017

Jacki Zehner and Amy Rees Anderson

Jacki Zehner and Amy Rees Anderson

It was only fitting that our Utah Wonder Women summer event for 2017 would celebrate the release of Wonder Woman the movie, a nod to our namesake and a celebration of female strength and ambition. Jacki Zehner and Amy Rees Anderson sponsored an advanced screening of the movie ahead of the June 2nd release for our Utah Wonder Women networking group. The event was fittingly a fundraiser with net proceeds going to the Utah Film Center to help promote and support women filmmakers.

The night started off with an intimate cocktail party at Babs De Lay’s offices in downtown Salt Lake, and Wonder Woman apparel was well represented! The group then migrated to The Gateway Megaplex movie theater where Jacki and Amy welcomed 200+ women (and men). Before the movie began, they spoke to their obsessions with Wonder Woman and her importance as a known feminist icon. Having both grown up watching the icon on their TV screens as young girls, Wonder Woman became a symbol of strength and self-confidence. In fact, much of their careers have been the embodiment of Wonder Woman’s mission: "to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace and sexual quality to ‘a world torn by the hatred of men." Now in full glory on the big screen, Wonder Woman stands as an example to both men and women of the inherent strength and courage that she represents.

More than a fun night out, this movie was seen as a sign of progress for women in general. The value of having a strong female lead and female director was made apparent by that record-breaking ticket sales for the film, challenging the typically male-dominated status quo. This film is a testament to the strength and ability of strong female leaders, and the success that comes from women working together.

Jacki and Amy were featured in various local and national media stories talking about their obsessions with Wonder Woman and why she is an example of strength and courage to both men and women. Take a look at some of those stories below!

NBC News: Wonder No More: ‘Wonder Woman’ Shows Female-Focused Action Flicks Can Be Hits