Spring 2019


After a busy start to 2019 for Utah Wonder Women, we were thrilled hold our first event of the year this past Tuesday night. To start, we want to thank Shauna Bamberger Priskos for hosting the event at her beautiful home. We’d also like to thank Amy Rees Anderson, the evening’s speaker, for coming to talk with us about life, business and entrepreneurship. Amy is the managing partner and founder of REES Capital, and previously was the CEO of MediConnect Global, which sold for over $377 million.

The evening kicked off with mingling, hors d’oeuvres and wine curated and provided especially for the event by Vine Lore. After an hour of great conversation and networking it was time for the main event, a Q&A session between Amy and one of Utah Wonder Women’s co-founders and the evening’s sponsor, Jacki Zehner, to discuss Amy’s experience and her recently released book, What Awesome Looks Like: How to Excel in Business and Life.


Amy talked about her background, how she discovered her knack for healthcare and tech through her ability to see the potential in all things. She also discussed how starting her company stemmed from a desire to be close to and provide for her children. The conversation then shifted to lessons Amy learned along her entrepreneurial journey, and some of the barriers female entrepreneurs face today. At one point, Jacki asked the audience to raise their hands if they had started their own companies, and more than a dozen hands went up - an awe-inspiring moment for everyone present.


As the Q&A went on, the conversation turned to the twelve leadership principles highlighted in Amy’s book. Amy talked about how important integrity is, especially to those in decision-making positions. Her philosophy is to always do what is right and let the consequences follow. She notes that when you set this example as a leader, your team will follow in your footsteps. Amy credits much of her business success to her unwavering integrity as a businesswoman, stating that her company grew because customers and employees believed in the honesty of both the organization and of its leadership team.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening and a great way to kick off UWW 2019! We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event.